Tour Details:
 Departs Auckland
 Pick Up / Drop Off Yes
 Best taken All Year
 Duration 1 day
 Fitness Level Normal
 Transport Included
 Depends on time of the  year.
Picnic basket or a Fish & Chips lunch at Sunset Beach
 Accommodation N/A
 Group size min. 1 - max. 7
 You will need:
 Summer: Jandals, swimming gear, sun screen.
 Winter: Warm clothing, Windbreaker
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Port Waikato

Our destination is the small holiday town of Port Waikato and Sunset Beach. This is where the mighty Waikato River reaches the Tasman Sea at one of the most beautiful black sand beaches on the west coast.

As we drive through the beautiful New Zealand countryside, we may stop at Tuakau Village a picturesque town as if taken from a western movie set.

Then we reach the Waikato River. We stop to admire and photograph the white frame of the bridge before we cross it and follow the twists and bends of its final leg where it joins the sea. We stop as often as you like just to admire the river or take photographs of the birds and fishermen .

Depending on the time of the year, lunch at Port Waikato is either a picnic basket or fish & chips at the Sunset Beach cafe.

A leisurely exploration of the beach and dunes is rewarding with great sights. The horizon seems to be always out of reach lost in the haze of the sea surf. Surfers and kite surfers provide excitement and great photo opportunities..

We move to the estuary later on. Whether the tide is high or low, it's always full of surprises, and photo opportunities abound.

At day's end we reluctantly embark on our trip back to Auckland...

Photo Opportunities:
  • The countryside - we stop as often as you wish
  • Taukau Town
  • The Waikato River Bridge
  • The Waikato River Estuary
  • Bird life along the Waikato
  • Sunset Beach
  • The Dunes
  • Surfers and Kite surfers on the beach
Port Waikato Map
Depending on the season and weather and your personal preferences our itinerary may change.
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Additional Information

The name Waikato

The name Waikato originated during the voyage of the Tainui canoe, which had journeyed from Polynesia. Arriving just off the mouth of the river, the crew remarked upon the kato (the pull of the river current in the sea) and thereafter the name Waikato (wai meaning water) was given to the river.

The Waikato River

The Waikato River is New Zealand’s longest. Its headwaters arise on Mt Ruapehu, just south of Turangi, and merge with Lake Taupo via the Waikato Stream. At times the Waikato current can be seen making its way through the water of the lake. The river proper begins at an outlet from the lake near the town of Taupo. It flows through the northern Taupō region into Waikato, and through the city of Hamilton, before reaching the sea at Port Waikato.

There are numerous traditions concerning the river. A well-known tribal proverb about the Waikato tribes refers to the taniwha (mythical water spirit) dwelling in the river:

He piko, he taniwha
He piko, he taniwha.

Waikato of a hundred taniwha
At every bend a taniwha can be found.

These taniwha represent a chief or person of tremendous influence. The expression underlines the mana of the Waikato people.


Supernatural creatures – some terrifying, others protective – are legendary in Maori tradition. They lurked in watery dens, or in caves, and were often depicted as dragons or serpents, with fiery eyes and lashing tails.

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