Tour Details:
 Departs Auckland
 Pick Up / Drop Off Yes
 Best taken All Year
 Duration Full day
 Fitness Level Normal
 Transport Included
 Meals Not included
 Accommodation N/A
 Group size min. 1 - max. 7
 You will need:
 Summer: Comfortable footware, sun screen. sun glasses
 Winter: Warm clothing
 Additional Activities N/A
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Sea, Masts and the Auckland skyline

It's what Auckland is about: Sea, Boats, Sailing and the fabulous City skyline. This is a very special Tour of a very special place on earth.

We'll roam the city waterfront from Achilles Point in St Heliers through the Auckland CBD and across the Harbour Bridge to Northcote Point and the Bayswater Marina.

Tour Highlights Tour Highlights:
  • Tamaki Drive & Mission Bay
  • The Auckland Marinas
  • Achilles Point
  • Viaduct Harbour
  • The Harbour Bridge
  • Northcote Point
  • The Helicopter Ride
We'll follow the shoreline and explore the best spots to photograph Auckland's skyline and its sea views.

The boats at the Auckland Marinas provide an invaluable foreground to the city and impress a unique graphic mark on the cityscape.

Photo Opportunities:
  • The Sea
  • Views of Rangitoto Island
  • The Yachts and Boats
  • Masts and Sails
  • The Auckland Waterfront
  • The Auckland Skyline
  • Auckland from the sky

A helicopter ride at the end of the day provides for a fantastic finish to this tour with bird’s eye views of Auckland bathed in the mesmerizing late afternoon light.

Info Depending on your preference, the Helicopter ride can be substituted by a Harbour Cruise or Yacht Sailing.
Please select your "End of Tour" Option on the Booking Form.
Depending on season, weather and your personal preferences our itinerary may change.
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Additional Information

Tāmaki Drive
Tamaki Drive is most certainly a playground for Aucklanders and their visitors. The road hugs the coastline from the central business district, through bays and past beaches to St Heliers 10 kilometres away.
On its seaward side is the Waitemata Harbour. On the landward side steep cliffs give way at Mission Bay, Kohimarama and St Heliers Bay to exclusive homes and popular cafe precincts. The route is made more spectacular in early summer by the red flowers of the pohutukawa trees.

Mission House
The Melanesian Mission House was built from volcanic stone bought from Rangitoto. It was opened in 1859 to coincide with the arrival of 38 Melanesians on board the Mission vessel, Southern Cross. By 1915 only the stone dining hall block remained. The building is currently used as a restaurant.

The Mission Bay Fountain
was given to the citizens of Auckland in 1950 by Mr and Mrs E. R Davis in memory of their son, Trevor. This magnificent art deco fountain 'plays' regularly sending dancing jets of water as high as 12m in the air and features a spectacular light show at night.

Bastion Point
offers expansive views of the Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto Island. Bastion Point is also home to the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial dedicated to New Zealand’s first Labour Prime Minister. The memorial obelisk is surrounded by a sunken garden and a reflective pool. It is built on the site of a former gun emplacement dating from the ‘Russian Scare’ of the 1880s.

Achilles Point
Its Maori name is Te Pane o Horoiwi, named after Horoiwi who arrived on the Tainui waka. He lived there while the waka continued on to Kawhia. Today it is known more as Achilles Point, which commemorates the 1939 battle of the River Plate where the New Zealand crewed Achilles engaged with other allied vessels to defeat legendary German cruiser Graf Spee.

The Harbour Bridge
The Auckland Harbour Bridge was officially opened on Saturday 30 May 1959. It is 1.2 kilometres long.
It was built over four years by a team of 1000, many of them skilled workers who arrived from Britain to work on the biggest project of its time in New Zealand.
Over the past 50 years, more than one billion vehicles have crossed the bridge. The first cars using the bridge were tolled two shillings and six pence

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