Downtown Auckland

Info Tour Details:
 Departs Auckland
 Pick Up / Drop Off This is a walking Tour. Hotel pick up and drop off is available by prior arrangement.
 Best taken All Year
 Duration Full day
 Fitness Level Normal, leisurely walking.
 Transport N/A
 Meals Not included
 Accommodation N/A
 Group size Min. 1 - Max. 6
 You will need:
 Summer Comfortable footware, sun screen. sun glasses
 Winter: Warm clothing
 Additional Activities Sky Tower SkyWalk
Sky Tower Jump
The Reverse Bungy
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If you are after a good thrill and would love some adrenalin rush, you can get it right in the heart of the city:
  • The Reverse Bungy
  • The Sky Tower Jump
  • The Sky Tower Sky Walk
  • Look'n Jump (SkyWalk+SkyJump)
Contact me for more information or if you wish to take any or all of these thrilling rides!

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Downtown Auckland
This tour Is about
the delight to immerse ourselves into the heart of town.
Check This is a chance for a very personal visual discovery of this great city. In this Tour, we'll be roaming, photographing and enjoying the city life and its sights.
A visit to the Sky Tower Sky Deck at 220m height affording the best sights over Auckland is included in this Tour.
A Harbour Cruise will provide a spectacular end to a great day.
Downtown Auckland Map
Tour Highlights Tour Highlights:
  • Albert Park
    This is where we start our day watching the Queen Victoria statue preside over Auckland's sunrise. Albert Park is a delightful mix of light and dark, colour and monochrome, open spaces and secluded alleys. The perfect place to start the day

  • Khartoum Place
    Art and history in a cozy inviting urban space in the heart of the City. Reubens Cafe at the Auckland Arts Gallery and Esquires on Lorne Street are the perfect lookouts...

  • Lorne Street
    Character and atmosphere, emanating from iconic buildings. The Auckland City Library, the St James Theatre still awaiting renovation after the fire and the National College converge in a mesmerizing mix..

  • Queen Street
    Auckland's iconic Street, busy and energising, always something happening, always a surprise awaiting. Buskers and street artists love it and so will you too...

  • The Sky Tower
    A true highlight of this Tour, we go up 220m high to the Sky Tower's Sky Deck for a bird's eye view over Auckland.

  • High Street
    High heels and high fashion mix with a bit of irreverence. Narrow, always busy with delightful glimpses of Queen Street through the alleys...

  • Shortland Street
    Big business, insurers and lawyers abound in the high rises. The city loves to reflect on its mirrored glass facades.

  • Fort Street
    As you go about Downtown Auckland, somehow you always end up on Fort Street. Think of it as a link. To the waterfront, to and from Britomart, and to the city of course. It has character, it has history and good coffee places...

  • The Ferry Building
    You'll get the urge to travel, and board the first departing ferry. To any location. You can't get it wrong really.

  • Princes Wharf
    Sunny and relaxing. Seat on the steps and watch. The yachts, the Harbour Bridge, the silhouette of the North shore...

  • Viaduct Harbour
    The place to be at any time of the day. To photograph, to relax to have cup of coffee, to have a drink, to lunch or dine. To watch the yachts, to take a cruise, its all there at the Viaduct Harbour.

  • The perfect end of the day
    To finish off the day in style we embark on a Harbour Cruise.
    Its the best way to admire and photograph Auckland's skyline basking in the afternoon light.
This is walking Tour, Hotel pick up and drop off from Auckland Central are available by prior arrangement.

Depending on season, weather and your personal preferences our itinerary may change.
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Downtown Auckland

 Esquires on Lorne Str.
 Gloria Jeans Coffee at Borders
 Gloria Jeans Coffee on Queen Str.
 Queen Street No 1
 Kapiti at Elliott Stables
 Valentinos Gelato at the Ferry Building
 Burger Fuel on Queen Str.
 Elliott Stables
 Reubens at the Arts Gallery
 The Chancery
 Vulcan Lane
 Viaduct Harbour
 Lenin on Princes Wharf
 The Chancery
 Prnces Wharf
 Viaduct Harbour

Additional Information

High Street
Original fashion designers, artists, jewelers and café owners have converged on this narrow, meandering Street and transformed it into one of the central city's best shopping attractions.

The Chancery
The Chancery is a fascinating, eclectic mix of world-leading fashion, beauty, cuisine, giftware and vibrant al fresco cafes

.Freyberg Place
Freyberg Place enlivens the enclosed intimate character of High Street with a sudden burst of sunshine and greenery. Even with the gianormous Metropolis hotel above it, Freyberg Place is warm and inviting.

Britomart is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by a local authority in NZ.

Britomart is a transport, heritage and urban renewal project, located on 5.2 hectares of reclaimed land in Auckland's central business district.

The Ferry Building
Erected by the Auckland Harbour Board in 1909-1912, this ornate structure was intended to be a focus for the extensive ferry network entering and leaving the city.

The imposing facades of the four-storey building were modelled in the Imperial Baroque style. Its prominent central tower was a focus of harbour life.

Viaduct Harbour
Viaduct Harbour is one of the most alive places in Auckland. It provides world class Marina, accommodation, dining and entertainment.

Viaduct Harbour during the day is a relaxing place to go for a walk, or sit on the benches positioned along the water’s edge, soaking up the views across Waitemata Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf.

The Sky Tower
The Sky Tower was opened on March 3, 1997 after two and a half years of construction. The tower is constructed of reinforced, high-performance concrete.

Its 12-metre diameter shaft containing three lifts and emergency stairs is supported on eight legs based on 16 foundation piles drilled over 12m deep into the ground.

The tower is designed to withstand wind in excess of 200 km/h and resist earthquakes at a magnitude of 8.0 Richter magnitude scale.

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