Info Tour Details:
 Departs Auckland
 Pick Up / Drop off Yes
 Best taken All Year
 Duration Full day
 Fitness Level Normal, some walking required.
 Transport Included
 Meals Not included
 Accommodation N/A
 Group size Min. 1 - Max. 7
 You will need:
 Summer: Comfortable footware, sun screen. sun glasses
 Winter: Warm clothing,
 Additional Activities N/A
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The Devonport Experience
Tour Highlights Tour Highlights:
  • A Ferry ride to Devonport and back.
  • Explore Devonport's historic buildings
  • Browse the galleries and bookshops
  • Explore the North Head
  • Climb Mt Victoria

We start the day at the Ferry building in downtown Auckland as Devonport is best approached by sea. The trip is short but the views both back to Auckland and towards Devonport are fantastic.

We take some time for a leisurely stroll through Devonport's streets to photograph the historic buildings and explore galleries, bookshops and curio stores.

By this time our vehicle is in Devonport and we use it to get to the North Head. There we visit the historic displays, explore the military tunnels and tour the volcanic cone with stunning views of Auckland City and Rangitoto Island.

Back in Devonport, we leave the car, and climb Mt Victoria on foot. The views are spectacular.

To wrap it all up, we go to Stanley Point and photograph Auckland's skyline, from sea level. By late afternoon we take the Ferry back to Auckland.

With the sun going down this is the perfect time to capture stunning views of Auckland's Skyline. It Is the perfect time to enjoy an ice cream at the Ferry building too...

Photo Opportunities Photo Opportunities:
  • Devonport's Streets and Buildings
  • Views of Auckland
  • Scenic views from the North Head
  • Scenic views from Mt victoria
  • Scenic views from Stanley Point
Devonport map

Depending on season, weather and your personal preferences our itinerary may change.

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Additional Information


Devonport is an historic marine suburb at the southern tip of the North Shore peninsula. It was initially called Flagstaff, when a signalling station was set up on Takarunga (Mt Victoria) in 1841, but was renamed Devonport in 1868.

The establishment of the Devonport Steam Ferry Company in 1881 – connecting the settlement to central Auckland – transformed it into a suburb. Before the construction of the Harbour Bridge, car ferries to Devonport made it the beginning of the main road north.

Mt Victoria

Mt Victoria (Takarunga) in Devonport is one of the seven volcanoes that Auckland was founded on.

The grave of noted Maori chief Eru Patuone, The Peacemaker, is on the lower slope.

The North Head

In the 1870's there were rumors of a growing Russian fleet in the North Pacific and possible invasion. In1875 heavy armaments were put on the North Head.

In 1941 when Japan entered the Second World War the defenses were scaled up and guns were camouflaged in anticipation of active service.

As the invasion did not happen, the only shots fired from the North Head where for a salute to the Queen when she visited New Zealand.

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